Download (Version 2.0)

This is the first version of this framework. Here you will find the source file, jar files, and APIs of all JPEL modules. 

To use the modules you must be carefull about package dependencies described in the table bellow:

Package Name Depends on Additional informations
Language None This module works under J2SDK1.4 or superior
GUI Language, 
If you decide run the jpel.bridge.ApplicationMainLF GUI or compile the GUI package, the Kunststoff Look and Feel must be added to your classpath
Remote Language  
Cache Example Language, 
This examples uses other APIs to establish a comparation, to execute this test you must add JakartaCommons and JConfig libraries to your classpath.

To download the files you just need choose package and click.

Language GUI Remote All Cache Example
JAR jpel_language.jar jpel_gui.jar jpel_remote.jar jpel.jar jpel_examples_cache.jar
Scripts None None None
Data None None None None